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February 2018 Archives

Factory work and employee safety

New Jersey workers whose average work days consist of long office hours and desk duties may not understand the inherent hazards found in other industries. While an accident can occur at any time and in any setting, work in fields such as construction and manufacturing present significant dangers upon every shift. New Jersey employees who feel their work environment is not safe have rights to make complaints to employers, and ultimately make change.

Study: Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving

New Jersey news media is reporting that a new study claims that drowsy drivers can be just as dangerous to other motorists as drunk or drugged drivers. The AAA study says that drowsy driving causes many more motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities than was previously believed.

What you need to know about slip-and-fall accidents in New Jersey

In New Jersey in the winter months, a slip-and-fall injury can be a common occurrence, as sidewalks, roads and driveways become slick with ice. Slip-and-fall injuries can occur nearly anywhere, and in some cases, the cause rests with a negligent individual or company ultimately responsible for the conditions that led to the fall.

Why It Is Important To Have A Will

A will is a document that many people intend to draw up, but often they procrastinate for a variety of reasons. They might feel that they have designated enough beneficiaries in their accounts. They might also figure that their assets are going to naturally fall into the right hands after they pass away, and that drawing out an actual will may be redundant. Then off course, there is the matter that drawing up a will is an admittance of mortality, but just because a will has been prepared doesn't mean it necessarily will be executed any time soon. It merely recognizes that anything can happen, and although a person's last day may seem far off accidents and unexpected disease can happen leaving little time for planning. It is better to make plans early when you are able to be an active participant.  Here are some reasons why it is important to have a will.

Is there such a thing as a happy death?

The Economist, in conjunction with the Kaiser Family Foundation, polled people in four countries to gain a deeper understanding of what is most important when thinking about end-of-life wishes. People from the United States, Brazil, Italy and Japan were given a list of preferences to choose from when envisioning how they want to live the last moments of their life.

National Winter Safety Stand Down--Five Minutes Can Save Lives

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls from heights continue to be the leading cause of preventable death for construction workers. Winter weather hazards like icy surfaces, extremely low temperatures, and weather-related factors like wind or freezing rain can all contribute to worker illness and injury. 

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