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April 2018 Archives

Avoid these common mistakes executors make

Part of estate planning is choosing an executor for the estate. This person is responsible for distributing assets according to the decedent's wishes, appearing before the court in all proceedings and paying off debts and fees. Often a family member or friend fills the role.

A general guide to workers' compensation in new jersey

When an accident occurs on the job, the first factor that inevitably comes to mind is the injury itself. Yet once a New Jersey employee has received proper medical attention, another costly factor comes into play: financial support. There are many boxes to check in regard to a workers' compensation case, but the following touches upon the basics.

How many accidents involving wildlife occur every year?

On the road, many different risks are present. For example, drivers have to watch out for the recklessness of other drivers, poor weather conditions, and other hazards such as downed signs. However, it is essential to realize that wildlife can pose a serious risk, especially in certain parts of the country. Sadly, a large animal can run onto the road, giving a driver little time to come to a stop or avoid a collision. When this occurs, a fatal crash may follow, causing incredible suffering.

Common issues after a tbi

No matter how it happened, a brain injury can affect an individual long after the accident has passed. Depending on the severity of the accident, recovery can take months -- and, in extreme cases, the rest of a person's life. The following strategies can help New Jersey residents cope with the many struggles of these injuries, as well as help brain injury patients ultimately begin piecing life back together.

Detailing intestate succesion

Many in Ocean County may find talking about death to be downright depressing. This may explain why so few locally (as well as across the country) have given serious thought to their estate planning. Indeed, information shared by the American Association of Retired Persons shows that only 4 in 10 Americans have a will. Most may believe that estate planning only concerns the elderly (statistics seem to back this up, as AARP's data reveals that 58 percent of baby boomers do have a will compared to only 22 percent of millennials). Yet accidents or illness could claim a life at any time, and if one does happen to die without a will, his or her presumed heirs could end up missing out on the chance to benefit from his or her estate. 

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