Defending Your Rights After A DUI Arrest In Ocean County

In New Jersey, it is illegal to operate a vehicle under the effects of any mind-altering substance. This includes alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drugs. So if you are on a prescription narcotic for pain management and it has an intoxicating effect on you, you can be arrested on a DUI, even though as far as you were aware, you weren’t breaking the law.

The attorneys at Silvi, Fedele & Honschke may argue that the blood tests you were subjected to were tested incorrectly. They have worked closely with many toxicologists and lab experts who can testify on your behalf. The state is required to produce the testimony of a drug recognition expert for their prosecution. If it can be shown that you weren’t actually intoxicated by the drug in question, the case may be dropped.

We have years of trial experience and will work diligently to get the charges against you reduced or removed altogether. Call us at 732-504-3841 to discuss your case. We have offices in Toms River, Forked River and Bricktown for your convenience.

Challenging The Breath Test In New Jersey

If you’re pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher, you will be arrested for driving drunk. It doesn’t matter how much this affects your ability to drive, this is the legal limit for being behind the wheel.

The police officer will likely administer an Alcotest (formerly known as a Breathalyzer test), which gives the breath sample to a closed computer system for analysis. Our Bricktown criminal defense lawyers have had success in challenging the accuracy of these machines and have relationships with Alcotest experts who can analyze and evaluate the data given by a machine over its entire life span.

Having a DUI on your record is serious business. It affects your ability to drive, your ability to get to work and even get a job. A DUI is the only criminal offense that is not available for plea bargain. We will vigorously defend your rights and do our best to get your sentence minimized if not getting you exonerated of all charges.

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