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A new electronic gadget hopes to waken weary drivers.

While driving under the influence and distracted driving remain hazards on the country's highways, the problem of driving while tired occurs far too often. According to some estimates, falling asleep while behind the wheel causes 6,000 deaths annually in the US. Though the trucking industry has strict standards regulating the maximum time a driver can operate at a given time, there is no regulation in Ocean, NJ, for other drivers, including the normal car or SUV driver.

Evaluating vehicle safety features

The constant upgrades in safety technology manufacturers are adding to their vehicles may prompt you to consider a new car every couple of years to make sure you and your passengers have the lowest risk of an accident. Some systems have a better track record than others, though, and some could even pose a distraction rather than a help.

Lawsuit accuses Apple of holding back safety feature

Many New Jersey residents use Apple products every day, and the company's popular iPhone dominates a highly competitive smartphone sector with an impressive 40 percent market share. However, that success could cost Apple dearly in the courtroom. A group of California residents are suing the iPhone maker over an unreleased safety feature that they say could have prevented thousands of distracted driving accidents.

Summer means more teen car crashes

The summer is a deadly time for teen drivers in New Jersey and across the United States. According to a AAA study, statistics show that approximately 1,000 people will die in car crashes involving teen drivers between Memorial Day and the start of the new school year. That number represents a 16 percent increase in deaths compared to other times of the year.

Fatal traffic accidents increase in 2015

New Jersey drivers may be more likely to be in a fatal accident than in the previous year based on 2015 figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the first nine months of 2014, there were 23,796 fatalities around the country, down 1.2 percent from the previous year. In the first nine months of 2015, there were more than 26,000.

Software can be classified as a driver

New Jersey residents may look forward to the day when their work commute can be handled by an autonomous car, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has advanced this possibility by allowing software to be considered a driver. Although some states are still working to decide issues such as the need for a licensed human driver, the move by the NHTSA makes it possible for Google and other companies to advance with their plans for bringing self-driven vehicles to the market.

Volvo aims to eliminate fatalities in their cars within 5 years

Volvo vehicles have long been appreciated by New Jersey motorists who are concerned with safety and durability. The car maker has pioneered safety equipment including the rear-facing car seat and three-point safety belt that have saved millions of lives, and the company now believes that it can all but eliminate fatalities in its cars and SUVs by the year 2020. The company says that it hopes to achieve this goal by stepping up its efforts in the area of autonomous vehicle technology and including the latest electronic accident avoidance systems in its conventional vehicles.

Delayed signs of injury for auto accident victims

New Jersey car accident victims may not realize that not all serious injuries manifest symptoms immediately after a crash. Some people do not experience any immediate symptoms for several days. Headaches commonly develop several days after an auto accident and may be a sign of a more serious underlying problem, such as a concussion or a blood clot. Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness are also likely to show up on a delay.

Dangers of fatigue and driving addressed through technology

The 2014 New Jersey accident involving a retail semi truck and comedian Tracy Morgan has brought the issue of fatigue on the roads to the forefront, especially where large commercial vehicles are involved. While truck drivers are regulated in terms of driving hours and rest hours, it is difficult to force such a person to sleep during their non-driving hours. In this case, the truck driver may have dozed as he entered a construction zone and failed to slow down. He had not slept for more than a full day prior to the wreck.

Factors working for and against driver safety in older adults

Someone in New Jersey worried about an older relative's ability to drive can look at the facts on the subject. The news is both good and bad because adults who are 65 and older have many safe driving habits, but statistics also reveal that they have an increased chance of injury or death in car accidents.

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