Home Closings In New Jersey

Whether you are selling your home, purchasing a new home, or refinancing your existing residence, the attorneys at Silvi, Fedele & Honschke are experienced, and ready to represent your interests in the transaction. The attorneys will work closely with your real estate agent to protect your interests, commencing with the preparation of the agreement of sale and continuing until the closing of title.

Experienced Representation For Ocean County, Monmouth County And Statewide Clients

Personal attention is given by the attorneys at Silvi, Fedele & Honschke in reviewing all of the details, conditions, covenants and time frames of the agreement of sale. The attorneys, together with their trained and experienced paralegal staff, will always be there for answering your questions and returning your telephone calls.

They will work with your mortgage company in assisting you to satisfy the conditions of your mortgage commitment. They will review the agreement of sale and perform an attorney review of the agreement of sale upon receipt from your real estate agent. Next, they will correspond directly with the other party’s attorney and make important modifications to the agreement that will protect your interests. The law firm will order your title searches, home inspection searches, surveys and any other documents necessary to proceed to closing.

At all times, the law office and attorneys are available for any questions that you may have throughout any phase of the home sale or home purchase transaction. All deposit monies are always held in a trust account until closing of title. You will receive, at the time of closing, a settlement statement which clearly sets forth all of your charges and fees together with credits that are due to you.

The law offices of Silvi, Fedele & Honschke over the past 20 years has performed thousands of real estate transactions. The attorneys are trained in the ability to read surveys, title binders, inspection reports, mortgage documents, notes, deeds, affidavits of title, Seller’s Residency Certifications and the New Jersey Affidavit of Consideration.

Additionally, many clients are not aware that they will be able to pay a reduced Realty Transfer Fee on the sale of their residential property under certain conditions as is permitted by New Jersey statute. The attorneys will make sure you qualify for the discounts which could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, if applicable.

At the time of closing, an attorney will personally be at the closing table with you. You will never be alone. You will always receive a copy of all of your documents involved in the transaction. Attorney Silvio M. Silvi, who is head of the Real Estate Transaction Department of the law firm, is registered as an affiliate of the Ocean County Board of Realtors, and has personal experience and knowledge as an owner of both residential and commercial real estate properties.

Commercial real estate transactions from small strip centers to large mall centers can also be handled by the firm of Silvi, Fedele & Honschke. Additionally, many real estate properties in Ocean County involve riparian grants, riparian licenses, shoreline claims or other easements which affect the properties that are located either by the bay, in wetlands or by the ocean. Silvio M. Silvi is able to handle these intricate types of title issues and will advise you accordingly.

Finally, the firm is experienced in handling issues of negotiating liens from judgments against sellers, estate waivers for claims on estate-owned properties, short sales or bank-owned properties, or 1031 exchange transactions. Whether it is residential or commercial, waterfront or non waterfront, multimillion-dollar properties or senior citizen retirement homes, the law firm has the experience necessary to make sure that your interests are protected and your transaction runs smoothly.

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