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Municipal Tax Appeals For New Jersey Clients

If you feel that your residential or commercial real estate property is valued or assessed over what the true value is, the firm of Silvi, Fedele & Honschke and its attorneys are able to handle and process a petition for tax appeal, either before the County Tax Board or the State of New Jersey Tax Administrative Judge.

Experienced Counsel For Clients In Ocean And Monmouth Counties And Across The State

The firm offers a free consultation to review your assessed value of the property, comparing it to the municipal tax ration of all assessed properties in your township. The firm offers its services on a contingency basis. If you do not obtain a reduction in taxes, you will owe the law firm no fee.

Appraisals And Your Options

It will be your decision as to whether or not you want to obtain a formal appraisal by a licensed New Jersey appraiser in support of your claim against the municipal tax assessor’s office. The law office works with a number of real estate appraisers who are able to appraise your property for tax purposes and are available to provide services.

It will always be your decision as to whether or not to accept a settlement offer from the municipal tax assessor or proceed to a hearing before the board or state judge. At the hearing, you are able to testify and tell the tax board, or the judge, why you feel that your home is not worth the amount the municipal tax assessor has placed on the property. It could be the condition of the property, the location of the neighborhood, or deviances or discrepancies in square footage that would be factors, or that the board or judge would take into consideration in determining and placing a true value on your property.

Unless there was a re-evaluation or reassessment of your property, a tax appeal must be filed no later than April 15th, for the year that you are appealing your taxes. You must establish what the value of your property was on October 1 of the prior year by using comparable sales of the same or similar properties that are in your neighborhood. These sales cannot be “distress sales” or other non-arms-length transactions. A realtor, unfortunately, is not able to testify and is not recognized as an expert witness in a tax appeal hearing.

Upon a successful conclusion of your tax appeal, a credit will be given to you in an amended tax bill statement received from the municipal tax collector’s office, or a check reimbursement will be sent to you. The firm and the attorneys at Silvi, Fedele & Honschke are always available to discuss your case further and to answer your questions during the tax appeal process.

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