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Prevent accidents by always using headlights

New Jersey residents might like to know about multiple studies regarding headlight usage while driving. Using headlights throughout the day, even when it's bright out, may reduce the chances of an accident. Some vehicles do come with daytime running lights, but most do not have this feature. Therefore, it's usually up to drivers to turn on their headlights.

Even on clear days, headlights make vehicles more distinguishable to others. One study found a 10 percent reduction of accidents from daytime headlight usage. Another study found that permanent headlight usage leads to a 12 percent decrease in pedestrian accidents and a 5.7 percent drop in two-vehicle accidents. Better visibility is cited as the sole reason for lower accident rates.

IIHS research shows that anti-collision systems work

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) indicates that collision avoidance systems are helping to prevent accidents in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. These safety mechanisms are designed to prevent drivers from drifting into other cars or obstructions.

The conclusion by the IIHS that anti-crash technology systems are useful might get the attention of auto manufacturers and auto insurance carriers. Currently, only 6 percent of new vehicles come with standard lane-departure warning systems. Additionally, only 11 percent of vehicles sold have blind-spot alert systems as standard in basic models.

Whiplash: Causes, symptoms and complications

A whiplash injury occurs when your head suddenly moves backward and forward with force. This causes the muscles and ligaments in your neck to extend beyond the normal range of motion. Whiplash can happen for various reasons, and sometimes symptoms may not show up for several days or weeks. 

Some people mistakenly believe that whiplash is simply a mild condition. Unfortunately, it can lead to long-term complications. If you want to learn more about the causes, symptoms and complications of whiplash, keep reading below.

Study shows problems with safety reporting

Injury reporting at sustainable organizations in New Jersey and around the country is deficient, according to a report. Companies use many different report formats, terms, definitions and data collection and reporting methodologies, making it difficult for researchers to obtain an accurate picture of workplace safety.

According to the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability, an examination of data that was reported between June and December 2016 revealed little improvement in reporting by sustainable corporations than what a previous study showed in 2013. The researchers found that the companies showed little compliance with a variety of different indicators of safety and health performance.

Creating advance directives for end-of-life medical care

As you begin the estate planning process, you might be concerned about end-of-life care. What happens if you become seriously injured, terminally ill or enter later stages of dementia? This can be a scary thought, as you would not be able to make decisions about your own health care.

Thankfully there are ways to ensure you get the care you want and relieve your caregivers of making difficult decisions on their own. Keep reading to learn how to establish an advanced health care directive.

A new electronic gadget hopes to waken weary drivers.

While driving under the influence and distracted driving remain hazards on the country's highways, the problem of driving while tired occurs far too often. According to some estimates, falling asleep while behind the wheel causes 6,000 deaths annually in the US. Though the trucking industry has strict standards regulating the maximum time a driver can operate at a given time, there is no regulation in Ocean, NJ, for other drivers, including the normal car or SUV driver.

However, a new device may reduce this number. A burgeoning startup company has developed an electronic wristband that can detect when the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Unlike lane-departure warning systems that send an audible signal when the driver leaves the roadway, this device uses an electronic stimulus to wake the weary driver.

3 questions to consider when choosing a health care proxy

Who will make your medical decisions for you if you ever become unable to make them yourself? This may be a question you want to avoid, but creating a health care directive before you face a serious emergency or illness ensures the following of your wishes. Appointing a health care representative can give you and your family peace of mind if such an unfortunate event should occur.

If you do not appoint a representative, your family and health care providers may disagree about decisions. How do you choose the right person? Here are the most important questions you should ask yourself when considering a candidate.

Mine safety association launches prevention program

New Jersey workers who are employed in the mining industry may be interested to learn that the Mine Safety and Health Administration stated that it planned to re-launch a preventive outreach program. This particular program, called the Preventive Roof/Rib Outreach Program, aims to expand awareness regarding roof and rib fall hazards.

According to MSHA, roof falls, rib falls and coal bursts have resulted in the deaths of five mining machine operators and injured 83 others since 2013. In fact, underground coal mine accidents are still a leading cause of injury within the industry, even though the technology to make mine roofs safer is already available and has been shown to significantly reduce the number of incidents.

Summer jobs can lead to work injuries for teens

Summer in New Jersey usually leads to extra work for many teenagers who get summer jobs, but that can also mean an increase in work injuries for young people. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers under the age of 24 made up 13 percent of the country's workforce in 2015. In that year, 403 young workers died as a result of work-related injuries.

Twenty-four of those fatalities were workers under the age of 18. In the period from 1998 to 2007, almost 800,000 young workers were treated in hospitals for work injuries annually. The work-related injury treatment rate in emergency rooms for that period was estimated to be two times higher for the under-24 age group than for older workers.

Selecting a financial power of attorney

Assigning someone the financial power of attorney, or POA, is a big deal. This person will handle your financial affairs should you become incapacitated. Completing this step ensures your finances will be taken care of even if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Due to the brevity of this responsibility, you should make sure you choose the right person when you sign a POA.

Allowing someone else to handle your finances is an important yet weighty decision. Keep reading for tips for choosing a trustworthy individual.

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