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Naming the right executor is a big piece of writing a will

When you are gone, who will take your place? This is a thought that has occupied every generation since the beginnings of our time. It used to be a simple matter of making sure there were children to continue through life, but now we have more complicated concerns like how we will support the people and the causes we love when we are gone.

One of the most important moves you can make to secure the future of your estate is picking the right executor for your will. An executor is the person who takes your place when it comes to the possessions and assets you will leave behind.

Speed may have been a factor in Manahawkin crash

When fewer cars are on the road, some people may be tempted to drive too fast just for the thrill. This may make it less likely that speeding will affect another driver but it does not change the inherent danger. This is why speeders often face reckless driving charges if their car or truck ends up endangering someone's health or property.

Police believe that speeding may have been a factor in an Ocean County collision the injured several people. The incident began when a sedan hit another car and then collided with the back of a vehicle with four people inside. The driver and one of the passengers were taken to a local hospital by air.

You may be healthy now, but plan in case that changes with age

As a healthy adult in the prime of your life, it's natural to assume that health will be a gift you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Very few people want to think about losing their health and independence as they age, but that does become the reality for many older adults.

Unfortunately, as people get older, they may experience serious medical conditions. Even if your parents have enjoyed good health for much of their later years, that doesn't mean you will have the exact experience that they have.

What are the priorities after a workplace injury?

Many jobs have a lot more risks inherent than others. For example, someone is more likely to be injured on the road than in an office under most circumstances, so professional drivers may face more occupational risks than office workers. As a result, some employees may know more about what to do if they are hurt on the job. If you're uncertain about what to do after a workplace injury, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What is the first priority after a workplace injury?

The first thing to seek is emergency help. If there has been a sudden incident that results in a trauma, a call to 911 or a trip to the hospital may be the next move. If someone has gotten ill due to work conditions, a call for a doctor's appointment may be enough. The next thing to do is make sure the conditions that caused the problem are managed.

  • What can employers do after an injury?

Tow truck crash leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Many types of accidents are simply a matter of fate or chance, and the results cannot be considered anyone's fault. Many accidents are also the result of people's behavior, which showed disregard for the consequences. If the second type is a serious accident, it could result in injury or even death.

Two people were killed in a two-vehicle collision in Lafayette when a tow truck struck the vehicle they were in after crossing the centerline of the road. The family of one of the victims has begun a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the truck and his former employer.

Brain injuries can have surprising effects

If you hurt your leg enough to bother with medical treatment, you can usually tell whether or not you should be on the way to the doctor. A large or sudden swelling could indicate a problem, while broken bones may come with serious pain or visual clues. But a brain injury is unfortunate in many ways, including the difficult of detecting them.

This is why potential victims of brain injuries should have specific screenings conducted by medical professionals. Another good habit is to know the possible effects of a brain injury, so you and your loved ones have clues to your condition if it changes.

Hazards nurses and medical professionals face during patient care

Nurses and individuals who work directly with patients in a health care setting face specific dangers. It's imperative that employers take steps to help keep these workers protected from harm.

When nurses suffer harm, they will sometimes try to continue working so they don't let their patients down. This can cause more harm in some instances because the injury might become worse with movement and activity.

Should you make a living trust in New Jersey?

Is it time to consider the future of your assets? If you can understand this question, the answer is probably yes. People often think that estate planning, like writing a will and arranging bequests, is a matter to handle later in life. But we never know when "later in life" may be, and we often give our friends and family some security by recording our preferences.

  • Is it just a matter of writing a will?

Wills are more complicated than they seem, as they need to be written in accordance with any regulations that may apply and it must be registered with the appropriate court. But a living trust is a way of letting others prepare for ownership of assets without necessarily losing control of it.

  • Why would someone create a living trust?

New Jersey Turnpike accident follows another 2 hours earlier

Have you ever been passed by a truck on the highway and taken a good look at it? The mass of a tractor-trailer set, nearly 100 feet long, is quite imposing and would destroy anything it hit at high speed. A truck like that could even demolish a building, but that force is sitting right next to you on the road.

Accidents involving trucks are often very damaging and can cause serious injuries or death. Because they are difficult to maneuver and slow down, semi trucks can react too slowly to hazards on the road and cause rear-end accidents. These can be one of the most dangerous class of collisions.

How to report a workplace injury to your employer

Even though you do your best to protect against a workplace injury, you never know what could go wrong in the future. You could fall down the stairs as the result of a loose railing, trip and fall on a construction site or develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you've suffered a workplace injury, it's critical that you immediately report it to your employer. Neglecting to do so will complicate your ability to receive workers' compensation benefits should you be unable to immediately return to work.

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