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We Stand Up For Injured Workers

Have you suffered a work-related injury or illness? Were you denied benefits? You need an attorney who knows how to handle your claim and get you the benefits you need. At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, our lawyers have the experience necessary to help you.

Our Ocean County attorneys have extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law. Partner Ralph F. Fedele has been handling workers’ comp claims since 1996. He knows how to obtain compensation for people who have suffered a work injury.

If you were injured on the job, notify your employer. Then, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys by calling 732-504-3841 or toll-free at 888-898-1206. They are ready to help you.

We Handle All Work-Related Injuries And Illnesses

At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, our lawyers have experience helping clients receive compensation and benefits for a wide variety of work-related injuries arising from:

Our attorneys have successfully handled all types of work injury claims, including those involving:

  • Neck and back work injuries
  • Orthopedic and neurological and psychiatric injuries
  • Respiratory illnesses: Congestion, asbestosis, cancer, pneumonitis and farmer’s lung
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Repetitive motion injuries, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis and hearing loss
  • Skin injuries: Dermatitis, eczema, chemical burns and frostbite
  • Loss of limbs
  • Broken bones

We also help independent contractors obtain workers’ comp for their injuries.

We Are Here To Help

We provide comprehensive representation for our clients. Our lawyers take time to understand your injuries and draft professional workers’ compensation claim petitions. They will gather evidence and work to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you need to heal.

Our attorneys will fight to get you medical benefits and temporary disability benefits when you are injured. If you are totally or partially disabled as a result of the job injury, they will work to get you permanent disability benefits. They also represent clients who have had their workers’ comp benefits denied.

What Do You Need To Know?

Injuries at work are common, and the process of workers’ compensation is supposed to be a simple one to navigate. However, the truth of the matter is more complex than you may wish. That’s why our lawyers at Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, are here to give you the answers you most need in the moments after your injury.

Can I get workers’ compensation for a permanent disability?

Any disability caused by a work accident is initially covered under New Jersey’s temporary disability. Typically, these benefits, which include medical care and wage replacement, only last until you can get back to work. However, a permanent disability complicates this in two general scenarios:

  • Permanent partial disability: These injuries do not preclude you from doing any work, but they make it harder to work as you once did completely. This can include the loss of a limb or even medical conditions, such as heart disease.
  • Permanent total disability: If a work illness or injury stops you from working in any capacity, you can receive this. Initially, these benefits only last 450 weeks, but they can continue if you prove that you cannot work for longer.

In both scenarios, it is vital to get the support and help of skilled attorneys to ensure that your voice is heard and that you get the care you deserve.

Can my job fire me for seeking workers’ compensation?

Federal laws prohibit an employer from firing you for seeking workers’ compensation. However, that does not mean that you cannot face dismissal for another reason while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The law protects you from being fired for using your entitled benefits.

Can my boss stop me from filing for workers’ compensation?

Your employer has many rights to dictate how you pursue medical treatment for a work injury, such as choosing your medical care provider. However, they cannot stop you from receiving treatment for an injury. They certainly cannot force you to use personal insurance instead of workers’ compensation. Your work injuries should get full coverage under New Jersey workers’ compensation laws, and your employer cannot change that.

Contact A Monmouth County Workers’ Comp Lawyer For A Free Consultation

To schedule a free consultation, call 732-504-3841, or contact our workers’ compensation attorneys online. We offer free consultations at our offices in Toms River, Forked River and Brick. You pay no legal fees unless our team recovers for you.