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Experienced Counsel For All Types Of Work Injuries

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey are injured or killed in work-related accidents. Accidents can occur at desk jobs, manufacturing plants and manual labor jobs alike. However, in general, the more dangerous the work, the greater the risk for work-related injuries.

At Fedele & Honschke, our Ocean County workers’ compensation attorneys help injured workers recover compensation after being injured on the job.

Help After An On-The-Job Injury

After workplace injuries, many people are forced off the job. Missed shifts mean lost wages. Without workers’ compensation benefits, many injured workers struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford needed medical treatments.

Some of the most common types of work injuries and workplace accidents include:

At Fedele & Honschke, our lawyers have been helping injured workers for more than 28 years. We understand how the New Jersey workers’ comp system works. We bring claims that maximize our clients’ benefits and navigate them through the process as efficiently as possible.

Maximize Your Recovery

Many people believe their only path to recovery is through the state’s workers’ compensation system. This is not always the case. If you were injured by someone other than your employer or co-worker, such as a contractor, you may have a personal injury claim on top of your workers’ comp claim. At Fedele & Honschke, we handle every aspect of your injury claim. We pursue every legal path available to maximize our clients’ recovery after a workplace accident.

Located in Toms River, our law office provides injured workers in Ocean County, Monmouth County and throughout the state with the helping hand they need after being injured in a workplace accident. Contact us at 732-504-3841 or 888-898-1206. Together, we will get you the benefits you need to heal, pay your bills and support your family. Consultations are free.