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Workers’ Compensation For Independent Contractors

Even if you signed a contract stating you are an independent contractor, you may still be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, your employer or its insurance company may try to use this contract or your status as an independent contractor as a reason to deny your workers’ comp claim.

At Fedele & Honschke, our Ocean County workers’ comp lawyers will fight your classification as an independent contractor for workers’ compensation purposes, and get you the benefits you need to treat your injuries and make up for lost wages.

Located in Toms River, New Jersey, Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, represents injured workers in Ocean County, Monmouth County and across the state. Together, we will get you the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive.

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation For Independent Contractors

In New Jersey, your status as an employee determines whether or not you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits following a work-related injury. Generally, only workers who are considered “employees” will be able to obtain benefits. However, New Jersey has developed case law that provides multiple ways for a worker to defeat the independent contractor defense.

At Fedele & Honschke, our lawyers are often able to use case law to classify workers as employees and obtain workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of them. If you do not qualify as an employee under the law, you may have a personal injury claim.

Contact Fedele & Honschke To Get Benefits For Your Work Injury

At our firm, we are dedicated to getting our clients the benefits they need to heal, pay their bills and support their families. Our attorneys do everything in their power to maximize clients’ compensation under state workers’ comp laws.

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