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Can You Reopen Your Workers’ Comp Case?

You’ve gone through the process. You suffered a serious injury at work, filed a workers’ compensation claim, and received benefits for treatment and lost wages. The case is considered closed, but after some time, you feel like your medical issues are worsening rather than improving. Do you have any recourse?

Fortunately, you do. At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, we have helped clients in Ocean County, Monmouth County and across the state recover millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims, including assisting in reopening cases where further damage has occurred due to the injury or treatment.

The Process Of Reopening A Workers’ Compensation Case

While workers can often reopen a claim after it has been closed, the process of doing so can be complicated and dependent on several factors.

An employee seeking to reopen a case must demonstrate that their condition is worsening as a result of the original industry, and that doing so entitles them to additional benefits. Demonstrating that the worsening condition is tied to the original injury is key, and requires the cooperation of doctors and other medical professionals.

In addition, there is a deadline associated with filing a claim to reopen. Typically, in New Jersey, a claim must be filed to reopen the case within two years of the original injury or the last payment and compensation.

While the above holds generally true, every injury and case is different. To have a better idea of your rights and your ability to obtain additional compensation, you should contact an attorney who can help you sift through the paperwork and examine the circumstances of your case.

We Can Help You Figure Out How To Proceed

The lawyers at Fedele & Honschke can assist you in determining how to reopen your workers’ comp case. We have offices in Brick, Forked River and Toms River. You can call 732-504-3841 to schedule a free initial consultation. We also can be reached toll-free at 888-898-1206 or via our contact form.