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Finding Compensation For Repetitive Stress Injuries

Many jobs have us doing the same actions over and over again. Over time, the repeated strain can produce a repetitive stress injury – a common occurrence. These injuries develop gradually and are not often thought of as causing the long-time pain and suffering that comes to mind with claims involving workers’ compensation. But they can nevertheless significantly impact your life.

At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, our lawyers have helped clients in Ocean County and across New Jersey recover the compensation they need to afford you the peace of mind you need to recover.

How These Injuries Happen

These repetitive motion injuries, as they’re sometimes called, occur because of prolonged and repeated action. One of the most common cumulative trauma injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, an injury that appears in many workers’ compensation claims nationwide. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the nerves in the wrist are disrupted, causing pain and significant irritation.

Other repetitive stress injuries include bursitis (inflammation of the sacs between joints, typically occurring in the hip, shoulder and elbow) and tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon, the tissue connecting the muscle to the bone).

These injuries are rarely gruesome, but they’re often debilitating, and can prevent you from carrying out your job duties fully, or even enjoying your life outside of the workplace. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, you can begin to plan for your recovery. If you suspect you have such an injury, you should contact a doctor, and then reach out to a competent attorney to prevent any issues with your workers’ compensation claim.

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