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What Is The Employer’s Responsibility?

After an injury at work, your focus is most likely on your recovery and all the concerns associated with it, namely, the medical care needed and having the ability to pay for it. But as you focus on rehabilitation, you may be asking yourself “what is my employer’s responsibility?”

Examining The Role And Responsibility Of The Employer

After an injury at work, your employer’s main responsibility is simply to provide workers’ compensation. This is in the form of medical care, temporary disability benefits or even permanent benefits.

But aside from providing workers’ compensation coverage, employers are responsible for the following:

  • Providing emergency medical treatment (or access to it) to workers who have been injured while on the job
  • Filing a report to the workers’ compensation board office which provides a complete account of the injury
  • Complying with requests from the workers’ compensation board or any associated insurance companies for more information regarding the injury and the circumstances in which it occurred

In addition, employers have a responsibility of posting notices of compliance with workers’ compensation laws as well as an obligation not to retaliate to any claim.

Failure to adhere to these responsibilities can result in serious repercussions, including fines and criminal penalties.

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