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How to protect against a scaffolding accident

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Even if you’ve been working on scaffolding for many years, you know that it only takes one misstep to cause a serious accident. And that’s why your safety should be your top priority.

Regardless of why you’re using scaffolding, there are many steps you can take to protect against an accident. Consider the following:

  • Properly erect and inspect scaffolding before use: Before you do anything, inspect the scaffolding for damage, such as rust or missing parts. Along with this, never use scaffolding that is not properly erected.
  • Use safety rails: Even if they get in your way, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Without safety rails, there’s a much greater chance of falling to the ground below, which can result in a serious injury or even death.
  • Don’t overload the scaffolding: It’s critical that you know how much weight the scaffolding can handle so that you don’t overload it at any time. Take into consideration everyone and everything on the scaffolding, including tools and supplies.

When you take these steps, you’ll find it easier to work on scaffolding with a clear mind.

Should you suffer an injury as the result of a scaffolding accident, such as a slip and fall or collapse, report the incident and don’t wait to receive medical treatment.

Once you understand your injuries, consult with your medical team to implement a treatment strategy for making a full recovery.

If your injury keeps you from working, you should take the necessary steps in filing a workers’ compensation claim. The money you receive can keep you financially stable as you recover.