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Understanding workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

While workers’ compensation is in place across the United States, all individual states have slightly differing laws. Therefore, it is important that you fully understand the laws that apply to the state in which you work. For example, if you live in New York but you are employed in New Jersey, your focus will be on New Jersey laws.

Workers’ compensation is designed to help minimize the financial damages that employees suffer when they are injured in the workplace. The following is an overview of workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey.

The time limits

You won’t be able to gain workers’ compensation in New Jersey if you do not notify your employer in good time. In the majority of cases, you will need to inform your employer within 14 days of the injury, but in other cases, you will have up to 90 days to do so. After making the initial report, you’ll then have up to two years in which to file a claim.

The benefits

In New Jersey, you’ll be entitled to the full coverage of medical treatment, and you may also be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation if you need help getting back to work. The state is particularly generous when it comes to wage replacement for the time you are unable to work: you’ll receive up to 70 percent of your weekly wage.

If you have recently been injured in a New Jersey workplace, it’s vital that you take swift action to claim the workers’ compensation that you deserve. Failing to do so in good time could lead you to miss out on these significant financial benefits.