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Collecting evidence after a truck collision

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Car Accidents

Being involved in a truck collision can be a harrowing experience. After ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe following a truck collision, residents of New Jersey and other states should collect evidence that may be important to preserving legal claims you may have as a result of the incident.

Insurance information

After a truck collision, it is important that all parties exchange insurance information. This will let everyone know who to contact in order to recover money for damage done to a vehicle and for personal injuries that may have been sustained as a result of a collision. If a party refuses to provide insurance information, it is important to at least obtain the license plate number of the other driver involved in the crash.

Photographs and videos

It is important that individuals record videos and take photographs immediately following a truck collision. This evidence can help establish the extent of any damages and can also capture statements made by any of the parties.

Witness statements

Witnesses other than the individuals driving the vehicles involved may hear or see matters related to a truck collision. Whenever possible, it is important to create statements made by any witnesses with a signed statement or with a recording whenever possible.

Accident reports

After calling the police following a collision, an officer will likely fill out an accident report. This report usually diagrams the cars involved in the accident and where the vehicles were hit. Moreover, the report generally includes statements made by drivers and the insurance and other information associated with each of the vehicles involved in a collision. Sometimes, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help obtain the accident report, and drivers might benefit from contacting a personal injury lawyer after a collision to preserve their rights.