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Workers’ compensation for someone who suffers vision loss

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Hazards exist on all kinds of jobs in New Jersey. Workers need to worry about slip and fall injuries, burns and other potential dangers. Unfortunately, anyone working might be at risk for permanent eye injuries. Someone involved with hazardous materials would be at risk, but so could a truck driver. No matter what job the person performs, seeking compensation after suffering permanent vision loss might be essential to preserving their livelihood.

Work dangers and eye injuries

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that a significant number of people suffer eye injuries at work each year. The causes of eye injuries vary; electrical sparks or metal shards could affect the eyes, or a fight with a co-worker might become physical, leading to trauma-induced injuries.

Employers have an obligation to maintain a safe working environment. Establishing rules barring inappropriate and dangerous behavior is one way to do so. Providing necessary safety equipment is also required under the law. Workers will want to identify whether the employer offers essential training to protect employees.

Workers’ compensation as an option

Workers’ compensation refers to an insurance system available to employees. When injured on the job and unable to work, the employee may file a workers’ compensation claim. The claim needs to be a valid one, and only work-related injuries fall under the coverage. A person who drives a forklift in a warehouse that gets a cleaning solution in his or her eyes and then requires a long recovery at home could be one example.

Vision loss may not need to be permanent in order for an injured employee to seek compensation. A worker who suffers any level of injury, making him or her unable to work for a time, may be eligible.

Employees who are unable to earn a living due to an injury could explore options to file for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney may assist with the application process or with filing appeals on a denial.