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What are typical workers’ comp injury claims?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Employees may face a wide range of hazards as part of their jobs, and not everyone who ends up hurt works in a high-risk environment. Office and restaurant workers, for example, might face unexpected dangers. New Jersey remains a no-fault workers’ compensation state, meaning negligence isn’t required to file a claim. Some typical injuries lead many employees in New Jersey to file for workers’ comp.

Common hazards for workers

People could fall virtually anywhere as slippery floors and objects that are strewn on the ground may cause a mishap. Electrical cords connected to anything from power tools to computers might lead to a trip disaster.

Workers should remain on the lookout for such hazards, but accidents may still occur. The same might be true when hoping to avoid sprains and strains. Lifting heavy objects may cause such problems, and the effects might happen without warning or result from accumulated strain.

Lacerations are certainly acute, and anyone working around cutting tools runs the risk of punctures or cuts. Just as bruises and contusions happen, so might burns. A kitchen worker might face these dangers, but so could anyone near a hot surface.

Never overlook the potential dangers of an auto accident. Anyone involved in an auto crash on the job, whether driving or as a pedestrian, might suffer severe injuries, including fractures or worse.

Seeking compensation for injuries

When an employee is hurt and unable to work, worries may arise about meeting their financial obligations. Filing for workers’ comp might be unavoidable when bills require payment. Taking immediate action to procure the benefits is advisable.

Some claims face an initial denial or other issues. Options exist to appeal to any initial adverse actions, keeping the doors to benefits potentially open.