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What’s the average cost of making a will in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2022 | Estate Administration

Everyone should have a will, regardless of income. Without a will in place, the probate process may give your assets to someone you would never have chosen to be your beneficiary, and it could take months or years for them to receive anything at all.

At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, we have previously helped clients throughout Toms River make their wills since 1986 and can refer you to an attorney we trust now that our practice focuses on helping injury victims. While making a will with an attorney is not a free service, it is an essential one that rewards the money and effort of creating one.

The cost of a will

Taking the time to write a will is worth it to prevent family disputes after your death. It can also reduce your estate taxes. How much it costs to make a will in New Jersey depends on which method you use.

Using a web-based service to write a will on your own in New Jersey may cost around $100 or more. Unfortunately, self-guided options lack the oversight of an experienced attorney. If you consult with an estate planning attorney, it could cost more but you are able to discuss your situation and goals with a legal professional whose job it is to make sure your estate planning is done in a way that benefits you and your loved ones. Complex wills that require more time could be over $1,000. If it costs so much more to consult with an attorney, you should know what you stand to benefit from the more secure option.

What’s the benefit of consulting with an attorney?

Instead of receiving a generic will from a website, our attorneys will look for all options for building a will that benefits your unique needs. For example, our attorneys could suggest ideas for saving money on taxes that you may not have otherwise known of. This would allow you to pass on more of your wealth to your beneficiaries. Some people find that they save enough money for it to be worth consulting with an attorney.

Our services can also help you create a valid will that minimizes or eliminates the chances of someone contesting it after your passing. By making an iron-clad and valid will, you can have peace of mind that no one will interfere with your plans for the future.

What makes a valid will?

You need to have two witnesses observe the signing of your will for it to be valid in New Jersey. They also need to sign the will after you. Only people who are 18 years old and older can serve as witnesses. If you hold the signing at a notary, your will could go through probate faster.

New Jersey also allows you to register your will at a small fee. Whenever you update your will, you need to have two witnesses observe it. New Jersey also requires that you write updates in the form of amendments. Date and sign the amendments as well. Another important legality is to always write the will in full before signing it. New Jersey views a will as invalid if the signature comes first.

Any adult could write a will in New Jersey as long as it’s within the law. You should make sure that you understand the rules for creating the will first.

Build a will with confidence

If you are considering making a will in your estate plan, let our decades of experience help you build something your family can depend on. Call us at 732-504-3841 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step in creating an estate plan that lasts.