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Workers’ comp Coverage B

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

New Jersey employees might have a general idea about workers’ compensation benefits. They may understand that injuries suffered on the job could lead to a claim that pays for their medical bills. However, they could be unfamiliar with the specific types of available workers’ compensation coverage, and categories such as workers’ compensation Coverage B may be new to them.

Workers’ compensation coverages

Regarding coverage categories, workers’ compensation may pay for medical care, managed care, disability benefits, and death benefits. Payments related to death benefits would go to the survivor’s qualified family members.

When an employee suffers an on-the-job injury, the worker may file a claim to address their financial concerns during recovery. While many understand the general purpose of workers’ comp, they might not understand what Coverage B entails, and their understanding of the coverage could impact their approach to a claim.

Workers’ compensation Coverage B involves insurance coverage to assist with medical care, lost wages, and costs related to rehab. Additionally, the coverage helps employees who suffer injuries connected to employer liability. The Part B component of workers’ comp addresses damages based on bodily injury by either accidents or diseases.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits

Those who seek Coverage B benefits may need to provide unmistakable proof of an employer’s negligence. Making a claim won’t be enough, as evidence must support any suggestions an employer’s negligent behavior, such as not maintaining a safe working environment, led to the injury.

Similarly, anyone filing a claim under standard Coverage A must provide proof about the injury and whether it happened at work. Sometimes, an initial claim may face rejection. An adequately composed claim may receive approval, and a well-documented appeal may overcome an initial denial.