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How no-fault coverage affects someone injured on the job

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

There is plenty of incorrect information regularly shared online and in workplaces about workers’ compensation benefits. Many people don’t understand the program or what rights they have after they get hurt at work.

For example, people sometimes believe the incorrect claim that a worker who makes a mistake on the job will end up denied benefits. Other people think that they have to prove that their employer was at fault and that their claim will actively harm the company where they work, which then deters them from seeking benefits.

If you understand the no-fault nature of New Jersey workers’ compensation coverage, you may feel more comfortable moving forward with a claim. What does no-fault coverage mean for an employee who needs workers’ compensation benefits?

They have nothing to prove to get benefits

The most important consideration about no-fault benefits through workers’ compensation is how such coverage protects you from a requirement to prove fault. You don’t need to show that your employer deviated from established safety practices or violated the law.

The only proof you need is proof that you have a medical condition that directly relates to the job you perform. No-fault coverage also reduces the likelihood of your employer trying to blame you for your injury and using that as an excuse to deny you coverage.

When fault might affect your claim

There are a few scenarios in which your culpability for your work injuries might affect your benefits claimed. The first is if your employer can prove that you intentionally hurt yourself. The second is when your actions that caused your injury were a direct violation of the law or of the company’s rules. Finally, if you fail a drug or alcohol test and your employer can prove your injuries were the result of your chemical impairment, you might not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

In essentially any other situation, workers’ compensation coverage would potentially apply. Learning more about how New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits function and the rules that apply to claims will help those recently injured at work.