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4 possible and dangerous automobile manufacturing defects

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Besides being frustrating and unfair to consumers, automotive defects pose safety risks to their drivers and everyone else on the road. For this reason, New Jersey’s Lemon Law protects car buyers who experience issues with their purchases.

Assert your rights if your car has a manufacturing error that falls under this statewide policy, and correct the matter before you get into an accident.

1. Engine and transmission problems

These troubles are disconcertingly prevalent, especially among second-hand vehicles. Persistent stalling, for instance, is a sign of a worrying defect. Cars that suddenly stop have a way of stranding drivers in remote locations. Have an evaluation to determine if a manufacturing error is present.

2. Electrical system failures

Flaws in a vehicle’s electrical nerve center need immediate attention. Problems can surface in various ways, from malfunctioning lights and sensors to strange behavior from the dashboard interface. Continuous complications impacting functionality may make you eligible for manufacturer repairs.

3. Braking and steering deficiencies

Issues with brakes and steering wheels pose a significant danger. Should your vehicle exhibit difficulty stopping or another inherent design flaw, seek service as soon as possible. Driving while fundamental weaknesses are present remains risky.

4. Safety restraint system malfunctions

In addition to newer features such as anti-lock brakes and driver assistance technologies, old-fashioned seatbelts save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when front-seat passengers wear them, it reduces the odds of a moderate to fatal injury by 50%. Thus, these mechanisms must always be in proper working condition.

The Garden State’s Lemon Law extends to a range of manufacturing defects that impact the safety and value of your vehicle. Take no chances the moment one comes to your attention. Refusing to operate a flawed ride could save your life or someone else’s.