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What are replacement services damages after an injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Blog, Injuries

After an injury accident, the impact often extends beyond physical harm, affecting one’s ability to carry out daily activities. If you sustained injuries in an accident, you may be wondering how you can take care of your children, buy groceries and wash clothes.

The need for assistance with daily tasks often becomes apparent after an injury. Replacement services provide a means for injured individuals to hire help, ensuring they can meet their immediate needs while they focus on recuperation.

Defining replacement services

Replacement services are a broad spectrum of tasks and activities that an injured individual may require help with due to their injuries. These include daily responsibilities that the injured person can no longer manage without help.

Replacement services extend to various areas of daily life, including:

Household maintenance. Cleaning, repairs and maintenance tasks.

Personal care. Assistance with personal grooming and hygiene.

Transportation. Hiring drivers for commuting needs.

Childcare. Support with looking after children.

Errands. Assistance with grocery shopping and other necessary tasks.

All of these are necessary tasks. You can not put them off, but you may not be able to accomplish them yourself because of injuries sustained in car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and other types of personal injury instances.

Navigating New Jersey negligence laws

New Jersey operates under a modified comparative negligence system, impacting the recovery of damages. In cases where the injured party shares fault, their damages may be lower or higher based on the degree of their responsibility.

The amount you might receive for replacement services also depends on your needs and how much these helpers charge.

Documenting replacement service damages

You should maintain detailed records to support a claim for replacement services damages. Keeping receipts, invoices and a log of the tasks performed by hired help establishes the necessity and cost of these services.

Personal injury claims are not unusual in The Garden State

According to WRNJ Radio, personal injury cases represented 31% of all civil cases in New Jersey for the 12-month period that ended on March 31, 2023. New Jersey ranks third in the nation for having the most personal injury cases per 100,000 people, with total claims being 218% above the U.S. average.

Replacement services is only one type of damages you might obtain as an injured accident victim through a personal injury claim.