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Common symptoms that develop from a cervical sprain injury

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Car Accidents

New Jersey locals may wish to better understand what repercussions can be associated with whiplash injuries. The condition is often referred to as cervical strain or sprain and can affect the neck, lower and upper back, arms and legs. If an individual has recently been in a vehicle collision and experiences unusual symptoms such as complications with equilibrium, pain in the head or neck, trouble with memory or struggle concentrating, it is probable that a cervical sprain has occurred.

Recovery times vary based on the severity of the cervical sprain and how the individual has addressed the issue. For a person who has been in a rear-end collision and believes they have a cervical sprain, if they seek prompt medical attention, their symptoms may go away more quickly than for a person who has not sought the proper medical attention.

Treatment for whiplash can include muscle relaxant prescriptions, an MRI scan to assess how complicated the injury is, physical therapy, massage therapy or a neck brace to hold the neck in place. The symptoms associated with a cervical sprain may appear to be minor at first, but not seeking the advice of a medical specialist can magnify the issues and eventually cause chronic pain. An individual could even develop back or neck injuries in the future.

Accidents happen in the United States every day and can be the result of another person’s negligence, distraction or driving under the influence. A car accident victim may need assistance in funding the necessary medical treatment required to fully recover from a cervical sprain injury.

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