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Eye-tracking technology could assist in concussion diagnostics

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Brain Injuries

Medical professionals in New Jersey might take important precautions with a patient suffering certain symptoms after a head trauma, but some individuals may not have symptoms of a concussion until some time after suffering an injury. However, a medical device that operates with virtual reality technology has been developed to track eye movement, which could provide immediate feedback about possible disruptions in brain function, giving clues as to whether concussion protocol is warranted.

The device in question does not require a baseline for comparisons because it simply measures whether or not an individual can track the path of a dot. If an individual’s eyes jump ahead to where they believe the dot will travel instead of following the path of the object, there is a strong indication of a more serious condition such as concussion. However, the neurosurgeon who developed the device notes that it will not diagnose a concussion. Rather, he notes that there is not an accepted definition or diagnosis of this type of head injury. There are efforts underway to develop diagnostic standards that will also allow relevant technologies to be rated.

Such technology could become quite useful in sporting situations, allowing for a rather quick evaluation of a player who might be dealing with a headache and other symptoms after an accident. If eye tracking shows no visual disruption, a player might be able to quickly return to the field. Similarly, this could be helpful for youth sports and other settings in which a prompt response to a serious injury could be instrumental in facilitating a recovery.

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