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Keeping loading dock workers safe

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries that caused workers to miss six or more days of work cost U.S. employers more than $60 billion in 2013. Slips and falls on the same level were among the most common causes of accidents. Those who are working on a loading dock may be especially susceptible to getting hurt. However, there are ways that New Jersey employers can keep these types of accidents and injuries to a minimum.

First, workers should check for daylight between a dock and a trailer. If there is light, it means that there is a gap where snow, dust or other materials can get in and cause slippery conditions. In the event that the gap is at the top of the trailer, a head curtain should be used in an effort to seal it. Foam compression dock seals may be a good idea for sealing perimeter gaps.

However, it is important to watch for excess wear and tear because of friction as well as material getting into the trailer. As gaps may exist along the bottom of a trailer, it may be worthwhile to install a under-leveler pit seal. In addition to creating tight seals, it may also be a good idea to install HVLS fans to prevent condensation. This may prevent humid air from condensing when it enters the cooler trailer.

Those who experience a job injury may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may cover some or all of a worker’s salary while he or she is out of work. While they are often offered on a temporary basis, they may be made permanent depending on the scope of the injury. Individuals who have questions about their case or need help with the preparation and submission of a claim may wish to talk to an attorney.