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Study shows problems with safety reporting

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Injury reporting at sustainable organizations in New Jersey and around the country is deficient, according to a report. Companies use many different report formats, terms, definitions and data collection and reporting methodologies, making it difficult for researchers to obtain an accurate picture of workplace safety.

According to the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability, an examination of data that was reported between June and December 2016 revealed little improvement in reporting by sustainable corporations than what a previous study showed in 2013. The researchers found that the companies showed little compliance with a variety of different indicators of safety and health performance.

The centre recommends that companies implement programs to track the occupational safety and health standards that are being used at each of their locations. It also recommends that they undergo health and safety audits on a regular basis that are conducted by independent third parties. Safety and health performance indicators should be measured along all points of the supply chain so that issues are not overlooked. For instance, one company in the study that had reported zero fatalities had 27 deaths occur at different points along its supply chain.

Victims of workplace injury accidents are able to file claims for workers’ compensation under their employer’s insurance coverage. Workers’ compensation benefits may pay for all of the related medical care and treatment, including ongoing rehabilitation costs, medications and medical devices that might be needed. If a worker is left with a temporary or permanent partial or total disability that prevents him or her from returning to the job, workers’ compensation may also provide monthly disability benefits to replace portions of the worker’s former income. An attorney can often assist with the preparation and filing of the claim documentation.