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Returning to work after a tbi

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Brain Injury

No matter how it happened, returning to employment after suffering a traumatic brain injury can come with many challenges. Because each injury can be unique, recovering from a TBI can be incredibly complex, time-consuming and can involve many stages. What can New Jersey employees who have experienced such trauma expect when arriving back on the job?

First of all, BrainLine shares that prioritizing one’s health is vital for anyone recovering from a brain injury. Returning to work may not even prove possible in early stages of recovery, but some patients eventually overcome obstacles, such as climbing stairs and standing for long periods of time. BrainLine also sheds light on the 1990 Americans with Disability Act, which protects all workers in the case of a brain injury. In such situations, employers must provide disabled workers with proper accommodations to perform duties. Accommodations can include reduced distractions in the work area, minimized clutter and private working spaces.

Life Skills Village also takes a look at the many challenges brain injury patients may face, offering tips for returning to work after an accident. One major step involves routine; Life Skills mentions that a regular daily schedule can work wonders for those struggling with brain injury complications. Taking notes can also help one stay on track with daily errands, activities and responsibilties. Life Skills also encourages those recovering from a TBI to weigh options carefully — making important decisions can prove difficult during such a sensitive time. In addition, employees in the recovery stages can look to physician-approved exercise for a cathartic outlet. By keeping health in focus, employees can reclaim their independence and can potentially improve their overall quality of life.