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Attempted car theft in Newark results in fatal crash

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Car Accidents

Ocean County residents may often believe that the strength of their own driving skills will help them to avoid accidents out on the road. While defensive driving may certainly help reduce the chances of one causing a collision, he or she may have little control over the actions of others on the road. Sadly, the negligent choices of a select few while behind the wheel can often produce devastating consequences for others. Those consequences may range from extensive damage to a vehicle to serious injuries or (in some cases) even death. 

Such was the result of collision that recently occurred in Newark. Authorities have yet to say whether the thin blanket of snow covering the ground at the time contributed to the accident, yet the cause is apparently quite clear. Two young men fleeing in a stolen vehicle slammed into another car, causing both to sustain significant damages. Both men in the stolen car suffered injuries, while a passenger in the other vehicle was killed (the condition of the driver of that car was not reported). Law enforcement officials have since brought charges against the two car thieves, with the driver being charged with both aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide. 

When people are killed in car accidents, they no doubt leave both emotional and financial voids in the lives of their loved ones. The hope is that such wounds will heal with time, yet often time is not enough (especially in instances where loved ones are left to deal directly with their family member or friend’s loss). Often, seeking compensation from those responsible may become their only option. Those needing to pursue such an option may first want to seek the guidance and assistance of a seasoned attorney. 

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