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The truth behind defective airbags

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Wrongful Death

News covereage on defective airbags has long been under way, and many New Jersey residents have already receieved compensation for damages. However, not all drivers who own cars with these airbags are fortunate enough to walk away from this problem alive. When a wrongful death has occurred as a result of someone’s else’s mistakes, legal involvement may be the right course of action. 

Takata airbags have been under the infamous spotlight for a number of years. CBS News reports that, despite the fact that many drivers have addressed faulty airbags, these devices have continued to claim lives across the nation. Most recently, a Takata airbag killed a driver from Louisiana — marking the twentieth death to occur worldwide as a result of the faulty systems. The airbags, which have been known to explode in the event of a crash, uses a defective combination of chemicals. Takata uses chemical ammonium nitrate to help deflate the airbags, but CBS points out that this chemical can break down when exposed to extreme temperatures, which could allow it to burn too fast and explode. Automobile makers around the world have continued to spread awareness about this potentially deadly issue.

In addition to the safety plans made by companies such as Honda, Transportation Today shares that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken steps to make motor vehicles safer in general. The Compliance Assistance Program is a new creation that aims to help regulate commercial entities within the auto industry, ultimately cracking down on safety rules. Although the NHTSA already carries out inspections on parts such as seat belts and air bags, this new program will help the agency provide education and resources to help further safety efforts.