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A general guide to workers’ compensation in new jersey

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

When an accident occurs on the job, the first factor that inevitably comes to mind is the injury itself. Yet once a New Jersey employee has received proper medical attention, another costly factor comes into play: financial support. There are many boxes to check in regard to a workers’ compensation case, but the following touches upon the basics.

First, Fox Business shares that it is crucial for employees who have suffered an injury on the job to communicate with employers every step of the way. Depending on the type of job, vacation days, sick days or a combination of both could help cover the time taken off after the accident. As for the allowed time off, Fox states that specific laws may vary from state to state. In extreme cases, workers may be interested in applying for Social Security benefits, which, once again, can vary in amounts. More recently, mental illness has been included under covered injuries, and Fox comments on the increase in the disability applications of younger workers as a result.

There is more than one resource to look to after a workplace injury has turned life upside down. The New Jersey Business and Industry Association gives a general rundown of the state’s workers’ compensation laws, pointing out that, while bigger companies can be self-insured, all employers in New Jersey must have Workers’ Compensation insurance. The investigation that follows a workers’ compensation claim may depend on the type of insurance plan. And although the level of support depends on the severity of the injury, the assocation notes that New Jersey’s system generally covers lost wages, medical treatment and death benefits to families. Each situation is unique, however, and may require additional steps to the process.