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Understanding behavioral problems after a tbi

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Brain Injury

Suffering from any kind of brain injury can take a considerable amount of work and patience. Because each injury can be unique, the time it can take to recover may vary. New Jersey residents who have experienced a traumatic brain injury may experience many stages of the recovery process. The following information covers some of the common issues people face after such a serious accident, including behavioral concerns. 

In one report, NBC News highlights the story of a 31-year-old man who suffered a serious TBI after a car accident. Mac Fedge considered himself to be a carefree, humorous individual before the accident; however, his recovery has revealed a person with a different temperament. NBC points out that when most hear the phrase ‘TBI,’ they think of headaches and memory loss — not drastic behavioral and personality changes. Injured soldiers are especially known to struggle with this post-accident issue. How do these severe changes take place? Health experts explain that the brain’s wiring is incredibly intricate, and that each lobe has a vital function. While overall personalities may remain unchanged, aspects such as short anger episodes or even uncontrollable laughter are common.

The Family Caregiver Alliance also spends time informing the public about the importance of understanding TBI and behavioral problems. In addition to mood swings and lack of impulse control, the FCA states that it can be extremely difficult for family members and caregivers to adjust to a person’s behavioral changes after a TBI. In these cases, a behavioral and cognitive rehabilitation program may be the answer. Whether it is poor concentration, inappropriate actions, emotional lability or other type of behavioral change, coping with these problems after an injury can take a toll on everyone involved. By better understanding the possible effects, families can best manage the recovery process.