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Woman faces reckless homicide charges after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2018 | Car Accidents

When people suffer fatal injuries because of a car accident in New Jersey, it is always devastating and disheartening for the loved ones of the deceased. However, these types of situations become significantly more tragic when the victims are innocent and the accident was preventable. 

In an accident that has brought immense sadness to a small community in Indiana, three elementary school-aged children were killed and a fourth was critically injured when they were struck by a car on their way to their school bus. The surviving child sustained injuries including broken ribs, disfiguration of his face and arm fractures. His family is not optimistic that he will be able to walk again, but acknowledge that the boy is strong and resilient. 

The woman responsible for causing the accident was charged with three counts of reckless homicide in addition to a traffic violation. Investigations detailed how the bus was stopped and had its stop sign out to warn other motorists. While the area was still dark, it is appearing that the accident was preventable. The woman is currently out on bond but has another court date planned for November 13. 

If people have been the victims of another person’s reckless behavior, they may wish to contact an attorney for help. Legal professionals can use their experience and education to help support and represent victims to get them the compensation they deserve. 

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