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Saddle Brook auto-ped accident kills man

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | Car Accidents

Many in Ocean County might assume that whenever a lawsuit is filed, the party filing it is claiming that the reason the reason for the action is that the defendant displayed malicious intent. Yet oftentimes that is not the case at all. Civil action may rarely be meant to be punitive; in fact, in many cases, it simply arises from the need of accident victims to seek compensation for the enormous expenses they are often made to face. A lawsuit may simply be an acknowledgment that a person caused an accident and thus is liable to accident victims. 

Very few people would likely attribute any bad intentions to the elderly woman who was recently involved in an auto-pedestrian accident in Saddle Brook, yet the consequences of the collision could easily result in those affected needing some sort of compensation. The woman was reportedly driving her vehicle through the parking lot of a shopping center when she struck a man (himself an older gentleman) before running into a brick pillar. Authorities are currently looking into what caused the woman to lose control of her vehicle, and she has reportedly cooperated with authorities. Sadly, the elderly gentleman who was hit ended up succumbing to his injuries. 

At this point, those investigating the aforementioned incident are not sure whether the woman will face criminal charges. However, criminal charges need not be present in a case for accident victims to seek compensation. Likewise, being found liable in a civil action does not necessarily mean that the liable party acted with criminal intent. Regardless, those needing to file a lawsuit following a car accident may first want to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.