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Drunk driver charged after son dies

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2019 | Wrongful Death

People who live in New Jersey have good reason to be concerned about the continuing selfishness and recklessness of drivers who refuse to put away their keys if they choose to drink. Too many lives are lost every year at the hands of drunk drivers and every one of those deaths should be preventable if only people would make responsible choices.

When an accident is caused by an impaired driver and another person is injured or killed, there may be both criminal and civil consequences. One man from New Jersey who is 27 years old is today facing a myriad of criminal charges connected to an accident that happened at the beginning of this year. It is not known yet if any civil actions have been or will be initiated against him.

As reported by Fox News, the man was driving at a speed exceeding the posted speed limit not far from Philadelphia when he failed to properly navigate a turn. The error caused him to crash in a wooded area. Inside his vehicle were his twin boys who were four years old. Both of the children were taken to a hospital where one of them died. The second boy was said to have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The accident happened in the early afternoon on a Tuesday. Reports indicate the man was drunk although his blood alcohol content was not disclosed. His driver’s license was also suspended yet he was driving regardless of that fact. He has been charged with child endangerment and vehicular homicide.