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Attorneys Providing Guidance In Ocean County Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a spouse or family member is never easy, especially when their death is the result of someone else’s carelessness. Accidents do happen; sometimes people die because of them. You are entitled to recover damages for the loss of your loved one through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Helping You Recover Compensation For The Loss Of Your Loved One

The Ocean County wrongful death attorneys of Fedele & Honschke will be there for you in this trying time, working diligently to show that your family member’s death was the result of negligence and bringing proof of their pain and suffering through the ordeal. Their future potential income will be taken into account as part of your loss, as well as loss of companionship and emotional suffering on your part.

We understand what you’re going through, and we will do our best to see to it that those responsible for the death of your loved one are held responsible. Call 732-504-3841 or 888-898-1206 toll-free to speak with one of our lawyers about your wrongful death suit in Ocean County or Monmouth County.

Honoring Your Lost Loved One

The value of your loved one to you is irreplaceable. Under the laws of New Jersey, there is an insensitive, outdated and unfair method of financially measuring this tragic loss. We will gather all of the evidence to show the value of your family member’s life and how you and the rest of your family have suffered from this loss. We have recovered over $75 million in compensation for our clients over the years we have been in practice. None of this can bring your loved one back, but we believe some form of justice is better than none.

Contact An Ocean County Fatal Accident Lawyer

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Call Fedele & Honschke at 888-898-1206 or contact us online. All cases are taken on a contingency basis so you do not pay any attorney’s fees unless your case is successfully settled.