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Seeking Compensation After A Bus Accident

Buses are thankfully one of the safest modes of transportation. But that statistic doesn’t matter much for people who have been seriously injured in one. Due to the sheer weight of a bus, these accidents often cause serious, even lifelong injuries.

At Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, our lawyers have helped individuals and their families recover compensation after a serious injury. After an accident, you and your loved ones are often faced with difficult financial decisions and the sudden influx of costly medical bills. You may be unable to work, or require constant caregiving to recover. We can help ease the burden of these situations by fighting for you to receive fair and just compensation.

Protecting Your Interests After A Transit Accident

Whether it’s on public transit or a private bus service, injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Driver or operator fatigue or distraction
  • Faulty or defective bus equipment, including issues with brakes, tires or transmission
  • Failure to yield to other motor vehicles or pedestrians
  • Operating the bus before passengers can be seated or can hold on to the railing
  • Other careless operations, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Whether you’re a passenger, a pedestrian or in another vehicle that was involved in the bus accident, your injuries can be severe. We can work with you to hold the responsible parties accountable, whether they’re the bus driver, bus company, manufacturer, maintenance company or even the state or local agency, if necessary.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Call Fedele & Honschke to discuss the nature of your injury and how to proceed. We have offices in Brick, Forked River and Toms River and represent clients in Ocean County and across New Jersey. Call 732-504-3841 to schedule a free initial consultation. We also can be reached toll-free at 888-898-1206 or via our contact form.