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Accident Injuries Caused By Distracted Driving

You’ve probably seen it before: a driver completely neglecting to pay attention to the road and instead, bent over texting while driving. Cellphone use and driving is one of the most common types of distracted driving. Some studies have even shown that using your cellphone, especially texting, while on the road is worse than drinking and driving. It only takes one second of looking down to fail to stop, yield, or take notice of another vehicle or pedestrian.

Seriously Injured Because Someone Chose To Text And Drive?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a distracted driving accident, particularly in texting while driving and cellphone use wrecks, Fedele & Honschke can help you. From our law offices in Toms River, Forked River and Brick, we represent accident and injury victims throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and New Jersey.

Speak to one of our attorneys today in a free initial appointment. Whether you are in the Jersey Shore or Ocean County area, we can help you and your family after an accident.

Our dedicated team of seasoned lawyers has been advocating for injured victims’ rights since 1986. With decades of combined experience, we know what it takes to seek maximum compensation for our injured clients.

The Price For Texting And Driving In New Jersey

If another driver caused your accident and injury because he or she was texting while driving, he or she is not only likely negligent thereby causing the accident, but is also breaking the law. Operating a wireless device (such as a cellphone) while driving is illegal in New Jersey. In fact, the fines for this illegal act have been officially increased by the legislature recently in July 2014. Just a first offense means $200 in fines and $400 for a second offense.

But these fines are nothing compared to what injured victims have to endure. In worst-case scenarios, loved ones are killed because of such senseless and thoughtless acts. Other instances of distracted driving include eating, reading, applying makeup, shaving, operating a GPS, and other acts while driving. No matter what type of distracted driving accident your family has suffered from, we are here to seek justice for you.

Do Not Hesitate And Reach Out To Us Today

We invite you to please reach out to our New Jersey law firm today about your texting and driving accident. Call Fedele & Honschke at 888-898-1206. You can also contact us online to schedule a free initial appointment.