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Alcohol-Related Injuries In Ocean County, New Jersey

Drunk drivers put the lives of everyone on the road in danger. If you were injured or lost a loved one in an accident with an intoxicated person, not only do you have a claim against the driver but you may also have a claim against the bar, liquor store or social host who served him or her.

With offices in Toms River, Fedele & Honschke Attorneys at Law, LLC, helps drunk driving accident victims throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and New Jersey recover compensation for their injuries.

Compensation For Alcohol-Related Injuries

In New Jersey, restaurants, bars, liquor stores and social hosts can be held liable for the accidents and injuries caused by their intoxicated patrons.

  • Dram shop laws – If a bar, restaurant or liquor store served or sold alcohol to an intoxicated patron, that establishment can be held liable for the injuries and damage caused by that drunken person.
  • Social host liability – Social hosts, or individuals hosting parties or other gatherings in their homes, can be held responsible for the injuries their guests cause. In order to be held liable, a social host must have provided alcoholic beverages to a visibly intoxicated guest.

At Fedele & Honschke, we don’t just go after the drunk individual, we hold all responsible parties liable. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. If a bar, restaurant or liquor store sold alcohol to an intoxicated patron, or a social host overserved his or her guest, we will hold him or her liable for the resulting injuries. By casting a wide net, we identify all potentially liable parties and maximize our clients’ compensation.

Social host and Dram shop liability laws cover injures caused by drunk driving accidents, assaults, and other accidents or injuries performed by intoxicated people.

Dedicated Representation, Personal Advocacy

At larger law firms, many cases are handed off to junior associates and paralegals. At Fedele & Honschke, one of our three partners personally handles every aspect of our clients’ cases. We consider it our mission and duty to help accident victims obtain the recovery they need to heal.

For help after an accident, contact us at 732-504-3841 or 888-898-1206. Consultations are free and injury cases are taken on a contingency basis – you don’t pay us until we get you compensation for your injuries.