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Recover Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries In Ocean County

Catastrophic injuries are always life-altering. You may never walk again or see again, or you may have lost a loved one. All of these things come under the same purview in terms of the law. Catastrophic injuries as a result of an accident include:

Defending Your Rights When You’ve Suffered A Catastrophic Accident Or Lost Someone In A Fatal Accident

Injuries after an accident may begin as something that seems curable. However as time goes on, symptoms fail to improve and a person’s life is permanently changed.

With offices in Toms River and Brick, the catastrophic injury attorneys at Fedele & Honschke are quick to act on situations like these. Working closely with many different kinds of specialists, we can see what may result and not only advocate for a fair and equitable monetary settlement, but also try to get you into treatment and therapy that will help you recover your life over the long term.

Here For You For The Long Term

The goal of our attorneys is not just to recover money for your injuries or loss, but to see you as fully recovered as possible from those injuries. Everything we do is geared toward maximizing your health in the future.

As we assemble the information for your case, we prepare it as if it may to go to trial. Having worked for insurance companies in the past, we understand the process that claims go through and how our trial preparation and past successes lead to a positive resolution to your case.

We understand the trauma that you have experienced and may continue to experience for the rest of your life. We will stand by you through thick and thin.

Contact Our Ocean County And Monmouth County Severe Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic injury, call Fedele & Honschke at 888-898-1206, or contact us online to schedule your free initial appointment. You don’t pay a fee unless your case is settled successfully. We have offices in Toms River, Forked River and Brick in New Jersey for your convenience.