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Overdosing driver kills three in Newark car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

Most people in Ocen County likely have little issue in providing people who have had run-ins with authorities with second chances. This is especially true when those incidents stem from serious personal issues such as drug and/or alcohol addiction. The efforts that individuals who are struggling with these issues make in overcoming should be applauded (and, if warranted, rewarded). Yet at the same time, thought should also be given to the potential consequences that may occur should such people slip back into their addictions.

Sadly, such consequences were on full display in a recent car accident that killed three people in Newark. Video footage showed a car plowing into a gas station, striking another vehicle before coming to a stop. The driver of the out-of-control car was revealed to have been overdosed opioids. He was revived by first responders and ultimately survived the accident. It has since been revealed that he las history of both drug and reckless driving offenses. He had even had his drivers’ license suspended following an arrest (it was later reinstated after him being sober for seven months).

In an instance such as this, some might question the wisdom of reinstating one’s driving privileges following numerous offenses that might have served as an indication of their propensity to drive while under the influence of an impairing substance. Even if one’s had shown progress in overcoming the issues that contributed to their legal troubles, one might think that such improvements would need to be demonstrated over an extended period of time. Some might even say not doing so is negligence. Those looking to seek compensation for negligence on the part of all parties involved in cases such as this might be wise to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.