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Faulty tires and their role in crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

Some of the dangers that New Jersey drivers face while on the road aren’t discussed often enough. For example, people don’t usually talk about what should be done if faulty tires bursts or comes off of the rim while the driver is in motion. This can lead to a crash regardless of how fast a driver is going.

FindLaw has an article discussing what people should know about bursting tires. They can burst for many reasons, which often relate to tire manufacturing defects. These defects can lead to weaknesses that increase a tire’s chance of exploding under pressure. As an example, if the sidewall is not properly made, it can tear. There is also the risk of tread separation in some tires, as rubber has difficulty adhering to steel. 

Unfortunately, these problems cannot usually be seen with the naked eye. This means that when a tire ruptures, the driver is usually caught off-guard. Whether a tire blow-out is high or low pressure, having to deal with it so suddenly can increase a driver’s chance of panicking and getting into a crash.

Accordingly, I Drive Safely has some tips a driver can use which may potentially help them cut down on their chance of getting into a crash. For example, the number one priority of the driver should be regaining control of the steering wheel rather than stopping the vehicle.

However, drivers can easily lose control of a tire with a blown out wheel. Other drivers may react erratically to a car’s tire exploding near them, too. It can create a perfect storm that leads to crashes.