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Margate collision kills elderly woman

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Car Accidents

As much as many in Ocean County may hate to admit it, advancing age brings with it certain physical limitations. One’s reaction times may slow, and their vision may deteriorate, making things that they were able to do with relative ease in the past (such as driving a vehicle) difficult. It may be tough to tell one who ie entering their elder years that they need to cut back (or even stop doing) the daily activities that once seemed routine to them. Yet their physical limitations may ensure that allowing them to continue to do them puts others at risk. 

A recent car accident that occurred in Margate may serve as an example of this. A 90-year old Cherry Hill woman was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle driven by an elderly man (himself 80 years old) when their vehicle was struck by another car. An investigation into the accident is still ongoing, yet preliminary reports say that the driver was attempting to make a left turn when the car was hit by the other vehicle (which was coming from the opposite direction). No word has yet been released on whether the elderly driver suddenly turned in front of the ongoing vehicle or not. Sadly, the woman in the vehicle was killed in the collision. 

No one wants to place blame on a driver whose capacities have been hindered through no fault of their own. Yet oftentimes, car accident victims are left with little choice but to seek compensation in order to adequately deal with the expenses that come as a result of their injuries. Those needing to do just that may want to see out the services of an experienced attorney.