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New Jersey Turnpike accident follows another 2 hours earlier

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

Have you ever been passed by a truck on the highway and taken a good look at it? The mass of a tractor-trailer set, nearly 100 feet long, is quite imposing and would destroy anything it hit at high speed. A truck like that could even demolish a building, but that force is sitting right next to you on the road.

Accidents involving trucks are often very damaging and can cause serious injuries or death. Because they are difficult to maneuver and slow down, semi trucks can react too slowly to hazards on the road and cause rear-end accidents. These can be one of the most dangerous class of collisions.

An accident involving trucks on the New Jersey Turnpike illustrates some of these hazards. A previous accident involving a car and a flatbed truck had slowed traffic ahead. Then, a truck approached the accident scene a couple hours later. Unable to stop in time, the driver swerved and struck another truck that had stopped for traffic.

Although the driver’s family was able to get out of the truck safely, the driver was pinned and needed assistance to escape. A news crew that had arrived to cover the previous accident assisted in the rescue. The three victims were then transported to a local hospital.

Anyone who has suffered after a road accident may have a case for financial damages if they experienced damages or injuries. An attorney can help review the details of an accident and let you know if you have a case for liability against a driver or mechanic.