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Speed may have been a factor in Manahawkin crash

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2020 | Car Accidents

When fewer cars are on the road, some people may be tempted to drive too fast just for the thrill. This may make it less likely that speeding will affect another driver but it does not change the inherent danger. This is why speeders often face reckless driving charges if their car or truck ends up endangering someone’s health or property.

Police believe that speeding may have been a factor in an Ocean County collision the injured several people. The incident began when a sedan hit another car and then collided with the back of a vehicle with four people inside. The driver and one of the passengers were taken to a local hospital by air.

Speeding is not uncommon in the area near the Causeway Bridge, where the accident took place. Open road can convince some drivers to take a minute or two off their trip, but the consequences can be disastrous or even deadly.

When people are victims of a car accident like this one, it is hard to know how to move on. Injuries can take a while to heal and the expenses can be enormous. Sometimes, a lawsuit for financial damages is the only way forward or at least the closest to getting you back to whole.

An attorney can help review this option with you if this is the case for you or anyone in your family. Legal representation may be a comfort at a difficult time after a car accident because you will know your interests are represented so you can focus on recovery.