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An overview of workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

All states have workers’ compensation laws in place. While all state laws are reasonably similar, it is important that you understand the laws in your state because it could affect your ability to make a claim.

Being injured as a worker in New Jersey can mean that you will suffer financial hardships due to medical costs and lost wages during your recovery period. This is why you make sure that you claim workers’ compensation sooner rather than later so that you are able to gain back these damages in a timely manner. The following is an overview of workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey.

Workers’ compensation coverage in New Jersey

Unfortunately, farm workers, volunteers, and most domestic workers are not covered by workers’ compensation in New Jersey.

Types of injuries covered

You can make a claim for immediate-onset injuries that took place in the workplace relatively easily. You also have the right to make a claim for occupational injuries such as asbestosis and hearing loss within two years of learning that it was work-related. You may also be able to claim workers’ compensation for an injury to your mental health if you are able to show that it was caused by your employment conditions.

Benefits in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you’ll be able to get back all medical costs, and you’ll also be able to have a certain amount of your lost wages replaced. Vocational rehabilitation may also be available to you if you can no longer work in your previous role.

If you have been injured in a New Jersey workplace, make sure that you take action quickly to get the damages that you deserve.