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Do nursing aides face occupational hazards?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Nursing assistants provide valuable help and support to people in many New Jersey health care facilities. Not everyone realizes the potential dangers that nursing assistants face while on the clock, however. Many jobs come with occupational hazards, and the nursing profession also has daily risks. Anyone starting a career as a nursing assistant might wish to learn about these hazards to help them avoid accidents and take appropriate steps if a mishap occurs.

Injuries and issues nursing aides face

A nursing assistant often serves as a helper to people in need. An older person might have difficulty getting out of a wheelchair, and someone recovering from a procedure may not be able to go from a bed to a gurney without help. Performing such tasks involves lifting, and lifting may put a strain on the back and other muscles. Severe strains might occur.

A nursing aide might have to lift many people and objects during the week. One day, the body may give out, or an aide could slip and fall since a health care setting comes with many hazards. A patient could drop a drinking glass and be unable to communicate the incident. A nursing assistant then slips on the spill, potentially receiving a serious head injury or broken arm. That’s only one example of many possible slip-and-fall scenarios.

The chances for injuries increase

Nursing assistants face scores of potential sicknesses, including exposures to airborne and even bloodborne illnesses. Needle pricks could lead to hepatitis, for example. Sadly, violent incidents with patients might also occur. An assault may leave someone with broken bones or worse.

In addition, recovery time may require not working. Going without a salary due to a workplace injury might cause financial strain.

New Jersey provides a no-fault workers compensation system, a process that could prove financially valuable to injured nursing aides. Those who run into trouble filing a claim may want to speak to an attorney.