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Workers’ compensation, overexertion and repetitive stress injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Experiencing a work-related injury while you are on the job in New Jersey can leave you out of work and displaced for weeks, months, and in some instances, even longer. If you experience a work-related injury due to overexertion and/or stress-related activities, you may be entitled to financial compensation and support.

What is overexertion in the workplace?

Overexertion in the workplace is the second leading cause of injuries that occur while on the job. Overexertion occurs when an individual surpasses their body’s own physical limitations, leading to strains, torn tendons, and in some cases, even lifelong permanent damage. For those who experience overexertion in the workplace, workers’ compensation may be the optimal route.

Reducing the risk of overexertion and repetitive stress injuries

In order to reduce the risk of overexertion and repetitive stress injuries in the workplace, it is important to:

  • Always use proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy objects or operating machinery
  • Use aides and tools to assist with moving or transporting items
  • Ask for assistance whenever necessary to mitigate injury risk
  • Take breaks to avoid pushing your body to its physical limits
  • Avoid adding extra items or objects to the current load your are carrying or transporting

Seeking workers’ compensation for stress injuries and overexertion

Seeking workers’ compensation is possible if you obtained your injury while on the job and if you were overworked or instructed to complete tasks that were physically risky, harmful, or even deadly. Working with professionals who understand workers’ compensation is key to help streamline your case depending on the severity of your injuries.

Any time you are the victim of a workplace accident, it is best to obtain legal counsel to protect yourself legally and financially in a court of law. With the right legal team, learn more about your rights, workers’ compensation, as well as overexertion in the workplace and what that means for you.