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How effective are cameras at red lights?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Car Accidents

Running a red light has far-reaching consequences that are not worth the risk. An accident creates physical, financial, mental and emotional damages that can take years to repair. To help drivers avoid running red lights, cameras are often installed next to traffic lights to capture vehicles that speed past the red lights. The question is if these devices are fast and efficient enough to catch lawbreakers in New Jersey and help reduce accidents.

The public is aware

Most drivers know that red light cameras exist at busy intersections, so they avoid running red lights if they know that their license plate can be photographed. Even with no proof that cameras are installed at intersections, most drivers believe that they can get caught and are less likely to run red lights.

The results are positive

This type of law enforcement is proven to be effective in reducing the rates of red-light running. Cameras work 24 hours a day at every intersection that supports this type of installation. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the use of cameras reduced the rates of fatal crashes caused by running red lights from 14 to 21% in major cities. In addition, this reduction in crashes means there are fewer cases of personal injury caused by car accidents.

Do red-light cameras work?

These cameras do work at decreasing the number of people who run red lights. Installing red light cameras has become a part of many major roadways; however, there are skeptics who question the validity and effectiveness of the system. Not all drivers will avoid running a red light, so it’s not possible to completely eliminate accidents caused by negligent drivers, but the cameras do provide a deterrent to violating traffic laws.